Kust Event - Upplev skärgården

Seafood or barbecue buffet at Furholmen


Only 5 minutes away from mainland Strömstad, you find Furholmen Restaurant on the island with same name. The restaurant is furnished as a cosy boat house of Bohuslän. 

It is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood from Kosterhavet. So close to town but still in the archipelago. A barbecue buffet is another great option. 

If you like to, we can arrange for a a troubadour to entertain you during the evening. 


Archipelago tours


With our two boats M/F Kosterö and M/S Vesleö ll it's easy to explore the Swedish and Norwegian archipelagoes.
We can arrange food and drink onboard upon request. 


Tour the marine national park

Pack your bag, with swimsuit, jumper and maybe a jacket. Now it's time for a whole day in the archipelago. We board MS Kosterö and start the day with a cup of coffe and a sandwich. We will be guided through the islands and the national park. 

After about 1,5 hours we jump ashore at Ursholmen and will be told about the history of the island and the lighthouse keepers. A sample from seafood from Kosterhavet will be served by our chef who meets us at the lighthouse. 30 minutes later it is time to move on to Rörvik at South Koster (Sydkoster). A diver waits for us here with snorkling equipment. 

We snorkel for 1 hour. You can change the snorkeling to go cycling around the island with a guide instead. 

Now, it's time for lunch on the beach. 

After a lunch break the tour proceeds to Tjärnö. Here we visit the marine research centre. A tour by the marine guides is an informative and fun experience.

The skipper now waits for us with some "fika" - that's Swedish for coffee and something sweet - before taking us back to Strömstad city centre. 

Dive in the marine national parks

Together with professional dive masters, we go out for a diving trip. 

The dive master tells us about the circumstances and where different species can be found. A basket full of fika is there for you if you feel like a cup of coffe or a sandwich. 

After the first dive it is time for lunch.

When you feel for it you can go for next dive. 

On the way back to town you can listen to stories about wrecks that are in the water around us. 

Champagne cruise


Sutiable for small groups in search of a more intimate and cosy atmosphere. 
With oysters and champagne, seafood or shrimps onboard, we leave the harbour and steer towards the archipelago.  
Enjoy the delicious seafood and feel the smell of sea.
Coffee and some sweets will be served after the food.
The skipper and his crew will be more than happy to tell you about what we can see during the cruise and tell you some history. 
If you would like to make go ashore somewhere, we will of course do that. You decide. 
After 3-4 hours' cruise we will be back in town again. 


Barbecue evening in the archipelago

We navigate in the inner archipelago, to the island Saltö, which is one of many nature reserves in the Strömstad area. 
If you like to, you can snorkel along marked snorkel paths here. 
We make a stop at a beach on Saltö to enjoy something delicious from the barbecue. 
We enjoy a tasty barbecue buffet in the outdoors.
After the meal, we return to town again. 

Island tour of the Strömstad archipelago

The boat will pick us up and head for Ursholmen, where we go ashore to walk the short distance to the lighthouse, where a chef will meet us with a snack from the ocean and something to drink. 

We stop for a while to enjoy the food, drinks and great views.

We then continue to the next stop, where the flavours of grilled ocean produce awaits us. After teasing our tastebuds with these delicacies, we continue to Furholmen Restaurant, where a seafood buffet is served in the boathouse environment.

Ursholmen - Sweden's westernmost Lighthouse


We will travel through the Koster Sea and its beautiful archipelago by boat.

Upon arrival at Ursholmen, Sweden's most westerly lighthouse, after about 1.5 hours at sea, we go ashore and walk the short distance to the lighthouse where we are greeted by an amazing view. A visit to the small museum of lighthouse keepers and their families offers interesting historic insights. 
The lighthouse is also an exquisite place to enjoy fresh prawns fromthe Koster Sea.

Team building in coastal surroundings

event teambuilding

Day 1

MS Vesleö II picks you up in Strömstad or Skjaerhalden, after which the journey passes through the Swedish and Norwegian archipelago, of great natural beauty. 
During the tour, lunch is served. About 50 minutes later we arrive the quay where your hotel transfer waits for you. Check in at the hotel and then go for an activity with your group. Which kind of activity depends on what suits your group best. After the activity, it is time for you to relax before dinner is served in your hotel's restaurant.  

event femkamp

Day 2

Start day 2 with a breakfast and then go on with your conference with breaks for "fika" (that's Swedish for coffee and something sweet) and lunch. At the end of the conference, you will head to the restaurant where dinner is served. 

Day 3

Start day 3 as day 2 with a nice hotel breakfast and after that continue your conference. In the afternoon, MS Vesleö ll brings you back to the dock where you started your trip. 

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Marine national park tour

event veslo

We stop the bus at Strömstad's square and go board MS Vesleö ll, where we get a Swedish "fika" with coffe and a sandwich, or why not taste something from the sea, fished in the national parks. The trip goes to Kosterhavet and Ytre Hvaler's national parks. One in Sweden and one in Norway. We pass the border between the two countries only 20 minutes after taking off from harbour and we will be out for about two hours. 

Once in Skjärhalden we visit the marine national park visitor centre (Naturum) where we receive guided tour about the 6600 species that live in these parks and about the only living coral reef in Scandinavia. The biggest one is Tisler and is close to Herföl, which is one of the islands of Hvaler. After the tour we will be served lunch at one of the restaurants at Hvaler. After lunch the bus, takes you onwards. 

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