Kust Event - Upplev skärgården

Evert Taube from sea to land

Furholmen is an island only a stone's throw away from city center. The restaurant setting is that of a cosy boathouse. 
Here, you are served a lunch while melodies from Bohuslän are sung by musicians and if you feel like it, just join the sing-along. When back in town, the bus takes you to new sights and destinations. 


Dine and dance in Strömstad

Laholmen hotel is situated on the top of the most central hill in Strömstad with an outstanding view of the archipelago of Strömstad and the Koster fjord. In the restaurant, you're invitde to dance after a nice two-course dinner. Monday morning starts with breakfast, once again with that fantastic view and continues with a guided tour in town. At lunch time, a boat takes you to Furholmen restaurant for some food, only five minutes from land. 

Songs at sea

Furholmen is an island only a stone's throw from the city centre. The restaurant setting is that of a boathouse from Bohuslän. Here, you will be served lunch and enjoy entertainment by musicians that sing melodies from Bohuslän. At coffee time, the sing-along starts, as well as a dance or two if you like to. The boat MS Vesleö ll picks you up for a guided tour through the marine national park "Ytre Hvaler" and ends up in Skjaerhalden in Norway.  

<h3><a href="http://www.hvalerfjordcruise.no/" target="_blank">M/S Vesleø II</a></h3> <p><a href="http://www.hvalerfjordcruise.no/" target="_blank">Charter and cruises between Skjærhalden and Strömstad.</a></p>