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Koster islands since the monks' era

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Step onboard MS Vesleö ll and let the boat take you to Kosterhavet. 

At Långegärde pier at South Koster (Sydkoster) we stop for a visit to the folk museum. There we learn about the monks from Porsgrund in Norway that came to the Koster islands and established a branch of the monastery of Porsgrund. They also planted a very special flora, which is not to be seen anywhere else in Sweden. 

After the visit, the next stop is Ekenäs on the other side of the island, where we have lunch. MS Vesleö ll then takes you on a delightful boat trip back to Strömstad. 


Historical tour of Hvaler island

We get a historical guided tour at Hvaler with a guide that tells us about the island's origin and life through the ages. 

After the guided tour it is time to explore Skjaerhalden on your own. For those who want to, there are a few pictuesque boutiques in the harbour that make for some great shopping. 

A visit to the national park centre is recommended. It offers an exhibition about the rich and exciting life below the surface.

After this, it is time to move on with MS Vesleö ll. Enjoy the trip across the national parks of Kosterhavet and Ytre Hvaler for about 50 minutes before the boat arrives Furholmen and it is time for lunch and entertainment in the restaurant. event hvaler 


From herring periods to tourism and trade

event stromstad

This trip takes you back in time and tells you about our area that enjoyed great herring periods over several centuries, became a popular seaside resort and, in later years, develop as a trade centre. However, Strömstad has been a commerce city for 350 years. 

The journey starts with a 1,5-hour trip onboard our boat MS Vesleö ll through waters where herring fishermen used to fish. It then continues to the island Furholmen where the seaside tourism, out in the archipelago of Strömstad, once began. In the restaurant on the island, we listen to some history about seaside tourism while enjoying a meal. There will also be time for singing and music. After lunch, we take you back to town for shopping. 


Strömstad's herring periods

We travel in the waters of the herring fishermen of the past. The herring era took place between the 17th and 20th century. We will be guided about how the population in Strömstad lived during these periods, how overloaded boats of herring entered the harbour to unload their cargo. Try some contemporary variations of herring onboard. After two hours in the archipelago we stop at Furholmen for lunch or if you prefer, a dinner buffet, in the restaurant. 

Historic boat tour with Vesleö ll

The 2-hour trip via Dynekilen to Skjaerhalden explores the rich history of the Strömstad and Hvaler areas. In Skjaerhalden, lunch is served at one of the restaurants close to the harbour. After a walk on your own a bus takes you to next stop.  

Cannons and gunpowder

Furholmen is an island only a stone's throw away from town. The restaurant at the island has a cosy boathouse atmosphere. Here, we serve you lunch while you watch a performance about Karl Xll, former king of Sweden and Tordenskiold, a nobleman of Norway who is wisiting Strömstad and Hvaler. MS Vesleö ll will later pick you up and to take you on a guided tour to Skjaerhalden in Hvaler.  

Cruise in the waters of Tordenskiold and Karl Xll

At boat trip from Strömstad via Dynekilen under the new and old Svinesund bridges that connect Sweden and Norway, all the way to Halden in Norway. During the tour, lunch is served while we listen to the guide. In Halden you can have guided tour at the fortress or choose to proceed to Skjaerhalden with our boat. 

MS Vesleö ll departs from Strömstad in an archipelago of great natural beauty. The trip goes via Dynekilen and further on towards the Svinesund bridges and Halden. 

During the tour a lunch is served while we listen to the guide. 

From the dockside in Halden we see Fredriksten's fortress, where former Swedish King Karl Xll was shot. Here you have two options. You can either have a guided tour at the fortress and then go by bus to next stop or you can stay on the boat and continue the trip to Skjaerhalden. There you experience the beautiful Hvaler islands, with an excellent marine national park visitor centre. 

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