Kust Event - Upplev skärgården

The Koster Sea - between islets and skerries

A full day spent in the archipelago. We will visit the islands of Koster and Ursholmen, and there is a choice for you. 
Either you can spend the whole day at Koster, but why not take the opportunity to continue to Ursholmen?

Experience the magic view over the horizon, imagine the times when the lighthouse-keepers
and their families lived on this small island. Their children went to school there, they grew their crops,
and their cattle grazed on minimal pastures. Other necessities had to be purchased at Koster or in Strömstad.
Our guide tells us all and there is a great chance of seals popping up! In that case - time for a ‘sealfie’(!)  

At Koster you have the opportunity to Naturum - visitor centre, an old homestead museum and/or some of the restaurants.
Public footpaths provide easy access to unique nature. There are bicycles and electric cart for rent.
Don’t miss Valfjäll, the highest peak at Syd Koster, from where, weather allowing, you can see all the way to Arendal in Norway!


From June 26  - August 9

Wensdays and Fridays

Departure Norra Hamnen, Strömstad            09:30am
Departure Lagunen 10:00am
Arrival Ekenäs, Sydkoster 10:50am
Arrival Ursholmen 11:40pm
Departure Ursholmen 12:10pm
Arrival Ekenäs, Sydkoster 12:50pm
Departure Ekenäs, Sydkoster 15:10pm
Arrival Lagunen  16:00pm
Arrival Norra Hamnen, Strömstad 16:30pm



Adult 195 SEK
Child 6-12 years 95 SEK
Child 0-6 years Free
Bikecycel 170SEK
Rent a bikecycel at Koster 150SEK

Children under 6 years Dear booked because of
the maximum number of passengers.

Welcome aboard!

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