Kust Event - Upplev skärgården

"Sella går tê"

Herring from ocean to plate - and the "schnapps" songs that go with it!

A journey through the archipelago with a herring theme.

You will be welcomed onboard by a singer and guide .
The boat will take you out into the archipelago while you learn the history of herring fishing through the large herring periods of the past.
During the tour, you will get to sample several types of herring prepared from our own recipes.
Your guide will also sing some traditional songs from the Bohuslän region and those who want to can join in.
We will also sing some "schnapps" songs that accompany the shot of alcohol that traditionally goes with a herring meal.

Sundays July 6- August 17

Departure Central Strömstad 6:00pm
Departure Daftö Resort 6:30pm
Arrival Daftö Resort  9:30pm
Arrival Central Strömstad 10:00pm


Includes boat tour, plate of herring, musical entertainment and guided tour. Drinks are not included.

Adult 395 SEK
Youth 13-17 years 195 SEK
Children 6-12 years 100 SEK

Welcome aboard!

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