Kust Event - Upplev skärgården


"Sella går tê"

Herring from ocean to plate - and the "schnapps" songs that go with it!

A journey through the archipelago with a herring theme.

You will be welcomed onboard by a singer and guide .
The boat will take you out into the archipelago while you learn the history of herring fishing through the large herring periods of the past.
During the tour, you will get to sample several types of herring prepared from our own recipes.
Your guide will also sing some traditional songs from the Bohuslän region and those who want to can join in.
We will also sing some "schnapps" songs that accompany the shot of alcohol that traditionally goes with a herring meal.

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‘Trimmings n’ laced coffee’

This boat trip in our beautiful archipelago, where you can see the culture of Bohuslän
Becoming a mix of music, history, "yarns", food and drink.

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The Koster Sea - between islets and skerries

A full day spent in the archipelago. We will visit the islands of Koster and Ursholmen, and there is a choice for you. 
Either you can spend the whole day at Koster, but why not take the opportunity to continue to Ursholmen?

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Trawling in the Koster Sea - Sustainable fishing

In the Koster Sea, fishermen have been involved in developing tools and equipment for sustainable fishing.

They care about shrimp stock and have over a 14-year period been invloved in developing selective fishing equipment.
Join us at sea to learn more about how they fish to ensure they only catch what can be sold.
And how passionate they are about sustainable fishing!

The skipper of the day greets us with a ”Skipper's grog”.
We getready for an archipelago tour through the Koster Sea, where a fisherman meets us in the Kosterfjord to show us how he reels in the trawl.
We will follow alongside the fishing boat to observe their work in action.
When the catch has been landed, we will be able to board the fishing boat to enjoy the freshest shrimps you have ever eaten!
While we sit down to enjoy shrimps with all the trimmings back at our own boat, the fishing boat will return to the harbour to sell its catch.


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Archipelago experience with contraband king Bremer

The original Smuggeltur in the archipelago®

Join us to learn about the history of contraband king Bremer and his adventures in our archipelago.
How he baffled customs officers and tricked them in our treacherous waters.
Spirits were flowing on the ships and smugglers enjoyed a sip or two.
Deals were made at historic Grand Hotell, just a stone's throw away from the customs office.

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